As part of the Old Harbor Village project, the Cooperage will be restored and converted into a museum of the four industries it once housed: a sawmill, a fulling mill to support woolen cloth making, woodworking, and coopering (barrel making).

The Spaulding Cooperage (Cooperage) is sited on a picturesque location adjacent to the Harbor Pond, that flows over a small dam, with a backdrop of a variety of tress that create a stunning fall display of colors.  Built in 1733 and rebuilt in1957, the Cooperage has been home to a variety of industries. A unique feature of the Cooperage is that part of the structure hangs over the dam which allowed the operators to use water as a power source. 

The Cooperage with the scenic Harbor Pond dressed in fall foilage

In 1931, The Spaulding descendants donated the structure to the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA), to be operated as a museum of the coopering industry. In 1981, SPNEA sold it to the Townsend Historical Society, along with the adjacent Grist Mill. A Maine barrel maker utilized the building as a retail outlet until 1990 and since that time it has been used as a riverside restaurant, and an antique store.