Spaulding Grist Mill

With your help, the Spaulding Grist Mill will be up and running again nearly 100 years after it closed!

Built between 1812 and 1840, the Spaulding Gristmill is the last surviving mill in Townsend. After the Civil War, the Gristmill underwent massive renovations. The Spaulding Gristmill represents a stage of automation during the Industrial Revolution that spanned the period between the primitive mills of the late 18th and early 19th centuries and the later mills of large companies that spurned the use of stones for milling grain.

The Spaulding Grist Mill against the beautiful fall colors.

Thanks to the generous donor, the Spaulding Grist Mill is planned to be fully restored to working condition! Visitors will be treated to all ingenuity and engineering that allowed the industrial age to begin before the use of electricity. The phrase, “keep your nose to the grindstone”, will no longer be simply philosophical – it will be demonstrated before your eyes!

Ryan Hayward checking out the shoots leading into the grindstone. In the near future, the stones will be turning, and the shoots filled with grain!